Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Love Email, 2

Dearest Etta,

I just got off the phone with you. We only spoke a few words but that was enough to totally transport me. Now it seems I am totally verruckt gegangen, wildly elated, dreaming impossible dreams, and in dire need of that balm that only your immediate, physical presence may provide

I know of a cancion ranchera, a genre loosely translated as Cowboy Song, written by Felipe Valdez Leal in the late 1930's. The song's first stanza:

Miro como ando mujer
Por to querer
Borracho y apasionado
No mas por tu amor

Look at how I'm going around (spinning), woman
Because of your love
Drunk and impassioned
Only for your love.

It may seem small consolation, but when I recite these few lines back to myself and now, also, to you, it reminds me that I am by no means the first to experience such elation. The thought of pistol-packing caballero dizzily in love returns me the universality of my feelings for you. My love for you is another chapter in the long history of a man under the spell of woman.

There we are. All is under proper perspective, and I'm cured.

Seriously, no matter how gaga I have become over you I want to reaffirm some solemn pledges. You are always free to go your own way. I will always respect your decision. Though I may beseech, beg you to do otherwise, I will ultimately prove my true, absolute regard for you and your feelings by honoring your wishes.

So long as we are together you may expect a life free from anger, reproach, or resentment. I will always be honest with you. You may expect nothing but the truth from me, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Of course, I expect the same from you, the truth, that is.

I expect that you and I will always honor our word. As you know already no one person may promise eternal love, love forever. But regarding conduct, one person toward the next, the absolute correspondence between what we say and then what we do, that remains within the realm of human control. The giving any keeping of our word, one toward the other, is the single most important aspect of any human relationship.

If things do not work out for the best, you may believe me when I say I will absent my self from the situation. I shall utterly separate my self from you.

You may also believe me when I say I have some idea of who you are and, though I well know that nothing is easy in human relationships, I feel I have the patience and in this case the maturity to insure, and, in time increase your happiness and well being.

I will always put your life before mine. Etta, please, forgive the dramatics, but I know no other way to put it: Etta, I would die for you.

In the first days of our making the rounds, you asked me if I was always so easy going. I answered affirmatively. Please do not take me for a fool, but I find being by your side easy going indeed!

I remain yours,


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